I am an astronomer I am a PhD candidate at Northern Arizona University working primarily at Lowell Observatory, and it is my resolve to make meaningful contributions to the collective knowledge of exoplanet demographics that is required to accurately piece together the universal fundamentals of the evolution of planetary systems. I am driven by the question: How did we get here? My research aims to understand how nature creates the physical conditions that support life. We know that at least one planet can bear life and that planet exists in our Solar System. However, the architecture of our Solar System is unusual — we haven’t found another quite like it! But if we can understand how all planetary systems reach the demographics we observe, then we can identify which aspects of our formation history make the Solar System so special. Toward this goal, I work on major open problems in star and planet evolution using both observational and computational techniques.

I began my academic career at the University of Arizona where I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Astronomy and Physics. I continued forth as a postbaccalaureate researcher at Gemini Observatory North supervised by Dr. Rachel Mason, and then embarked on another postbac at Lowell Observatory where I began menteeship under Dr. Lisa Prato. The years following, I earned my Master of Science degree in Applied Physics at Northern Arizona University where I am now a PhD candidate advised by both Dr. Lisa Prato and also working closely with Dr. Joe Llama.